Friday, June 25, 2010

Second coming

Welcome to the Boston Bruins, Tyler Seguin!


  1. Thrilled to have him.

    And you were right on about McIlrath having upside - second d-man taken in this draft!

    If the Horton trade had not happened, I think Boston would be almost a lock to get Fowler or Gormley. I still think there's a chance, if they are willing to involve picks from next year... I'm hoping they can do it.

  2. Nice call on Jaden Schwartz, too!

  3. Guys, who are your preferences at 32 and 45? Any inside info, Kirk, Piemac?

    Let's go Justin Faulk! :)

  4. I think Faulk or Alex Petrovic are good bets.

    Tyler Toffoli a possibility too.

    Maybe even Jared Knight, though I think that's too high (32) maybe 45.

  5. Well, I had to maintain my thought Seguin would go first overall. Cant change midstream ya know !! I had him slightly ahead of Hall for potential. That said, i'm very happy i was wrong and the Bruins picked him 2nd.

    I wanted Justin Shugg at 45, but since he snubbed you for an interview i changed my mind :(

  6. Hey Dominic. Who do you think the B's will end up with at 32 and 45? Who would you pick if you were Peter C?

  7. Well i liked Just Shugg at 45, actually loved the kid but it's probably too high. As for 32, Kuhnhackl is interesting and as Kirk said Petrovic and Knight. Interesting though, and maybe Kirk can confirm, Bobby Orr is talking to all the teams with the first few picks about Kabanov. I wouldn't take him and be shocked if the Bruins do.

    Someone off the board, maybe Jerome Gauthier - Leduc.

    About Joey Hishon going first round...good kid. Seen him play a couple of years now. Very good player and character. Went to school with my son so i know him off the ice. Somewhat of a surprise but i'm not shocked.