Friday, June 25, 2010

Here are the New Englanders: Kevin Hayes

Kevin Hayes, 24th overall to Chicago
Kudos to Pie-Mac for calling both Hayes and Coyle in the first round.
Hayes is a terrific young man and he's moving on to Boston College in the fall.


  1. Thanks Kirk. However I missed on the teams. Phoenix was taking Hayes with the pick they traded down for, but it never got to that.

    In my opinion it goes to show you that all of these teams don't pay very much attention to what Central Scouting has to say. I think the league benefits from the hoopla surrounding the list but for the most part teams set their own. Furthermore the show on TSN was so Canadian focused (as it should be, they're the viewers) but Mackenzie having Hayes and Coyle so far down the HIS list just shows that they don't give the players on this side of the border as much credit as they should.

  2. PieMac that's not necessarily true. There were 11 US born players taken. Bobby Mac had 9 of them picked and Had Justin Faulk as his 30th pick (ahead of Coyle and Hayes) so that makes 10. To say he doesn't give US players enough credit us false.

    If Gormley and Fowler can drop 10 spots, it's reasonable to assume Coyle and Hayes could climb a few. Furthermore, on his list, over one third of the first round players were US born players. Only half a dozen were Europeans!!