Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jared Knight to Bruins at 32

London Knights forward Jared Knight is now a Bruin, taken 32nd.

Not surprising-- he came into Boston for a visit.

The skinny on Knight is that he is an undersized, but very tenacious forward with a lot of skill. He had a poor start to the season and looked out of sorts until it was determined that he suffered from Diabetes. Once treated, he really took off, finishing the season with 36 goals.

He's not big (about 5-11 and that's being generous) but anyone who's seen his workout video he made because he wasn't invited to the combine knows that the kid has some real functional strength and a legitimate hockey body right now.

His skating is average; he lacks in an explosive burst, but he's fine in a straight line and turns well.

Knight's real strengths lie in his shooting skills and offensive hockey sense, which, when added to his high-energy and toughness, makes him a pretty intriguing prospect to watch here in the next couple of years.

On Easter Sunday, I wrote up a little something on him for those who may not be familiar:
Jared Knight review and projection- April 2010

I just found out from John "Bish" Bishop who interviewed him as pool reporter over the phone, that Knight missed the draft because his sister had a driver's test. He said it was OK that he wasn't in L.A. because his family is very close and he had the chance to celebrate his selection with his family.


  1. Is there anything you have heard about Knight or Spooner? I don't know anything about these guys. Can you shed some light?

  2. Red Line says Ryan Callahan. Not really sure who his best comparable is, as I didn't spend a lot of time on him this year.

  3. Absolutely fabulous pick !! I love it. Seen him about 30 times this past 2 years. Will be loved in Boston. Before everyone gets on the "we don't need another center wagon", he played mostly wing so its not a big concern. Will be a very good second line winger. 25-30 goals are a reasonable prediction for him.

    Good picking!!