Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Arrived in Los Angeles...blogging to resume forthwith

So, two things I noticed about LAX Airport today when I got in:

1. It's a very big place.

2. They don't have much in the way of restaurants.

But we were hungry and had an hour-plus to kill before a third colleague's flight arrived, so Mike, Rod and I end up over at the Encounter Bar (pretty much the only place serving food that you didn't have to pass a security checkpoint to have access to) had to ride an elevator to get to it, and the ceiling was decorated with some kind of 60's-era pink art deco and the elevator music sounded like the lost soundtrack to Gene Roddenberry's never-aired Star Trek spinoff show (back in the days before Deep Space Nine, Voyager and what have you) It was weird, but the bar was nice with a nice view of the airport, the distant smog-obscured L.A. skyline and not much else.

Anyway- there isn't much of a point to this other than to say that tomorrow, I'll be back in the saddle. Will attend the top prospects luncheon and meet and greet- going to forego the B's presser because it's over in Marina del Rey and conflicts with the prospects dealio, which is downtown.

I missed the whole Dustin Byfuglien trade, so am still playing catch up.

Oh, and thanks for the kind comments, guys. Just trying to do my part to raise the buzz factor on this important draft for Boston. It's a little bit of a buzzkill to not have the 15th pick, but the more I think about it, the more I can't take too much of an issue with the Horton-Campbell deal.

Time will tell...Bruins might still have some moves up the sleeve...


  1. Welcome to LA! If you make it over to the West side of LA you should check out in Santa Monica. It's a great Boston bar with pretty decent food. I'm really excited to go the Draft. Thanks a ton for all the great work on the blog and on the New England Hockey Journal.

  2. Kirk,
    The Chicago trade yesterday may as well have included the name Charlie Coyle. They moved ahead of the Canadians to #24 now. That's his slot.