Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bruins to host 2010 draft party, plus some thoughts on Brandon Gormley

The Boston Bruins announced today that they'll have a festive event for the 2010 NHL Entry Draft at Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market in the Olde Towne. Details on the party are here.

Should be a good time for all you Boston-area draftniks who aren't crazy enough to go all the way to Los Angeles to see the event in person. Plus, with the ice girls there to hand out some free chicken (that's militaryspeak for stuff you don't have to pay for), why not?

On a different note, I'm still hearing that the Bruins really would like to make a splash at the draft, and beyond grabbing Tyler Seguin second overall, they could do that by trading up into the top-five to secure a prime defenseman like Brandon Gormley, who I've been told that they've liked for months. The buzz on this kid has not died down, and he helped himself at the Memorial Cup.

I talked to his coach, Moncton Wildcats bench boss Danny Flynn, this afternoon, and he told me a couple of things I wasn't aware of. First, the Wildcats played 98 games this season between regular season and playoffs. That's a lot of puck for the amateur ranks. Secondly, Flynn personally went out to Wilcox, Saskatchewan when Gormley was skating for the Notre Dame Hounds to see him, and the P.E.I. native's great footwork and poise were what sold Flynn and the Wildcats on using the top pick in the 2008 QMJHL draft on him. Flynn likens him to Wade Redden in his prime, not the stiff with the bloated and untradeable contract on the NY Rangers.

I'm working on a feature on "Gorms" that should be up over at in the next few days (also be on the lookout for a quick hit on some of the Europeans available), so be sure to look for it. Also, if you want to know more about Gormley, scroll down the blog post archive this month and check out the spotlight profile I did on him the first week in June if you haven't done so already. Or, if you're too lazy/disinclined to do that, just click on this, and the wayback machine will take you there.

Anyway- getting to five from 15 is going to be hard if the Bruins are serious about adding not one but two of the draft's premium talents to the stable. I can't see them making it happen with one trade, but a couple of deals to move up in increments could do it. It'll cost them a lot of the extra picks and some young kids/prospects to do so, but I've always said that if you really, really think a player is worth it, then go out and get him. The B's and Peter Chiarelli have been rebuffed in their attempts to do just that in recent drafts, so maybe 2010 is the year when it all comes together.


  1. Is it your sense that they have Gormley above Fowler on their board? Or are they thinking that they won't be able to move higher than 4 or 5 and Fowler will be gone?

  2. I think their best chance is at number 4, where Scott Howsen has said he's willing to trade down, but not to far. So the trading in increments (which i have thought is the best way to go) is an option.

    I think TB is still interested in swapping with FLA and they want either Fowler or Gormley. If we, or any of these teams trade, i think the foundation of a trade will be layed prior to the draft and completed on the draft floor. Those top teams willing to trade will hold off until the last minute and as things get tense the price may go up for them.

  3. I believe they have Gormley higher than Fowler, yes.

  4. Interesting. I tend to prefer Fowler because of his skating. That said, if the Bruins come away from this draft with Seguin (or Hall) and Gormley I will be beyond ecstatic. I might even stop bitching about the Ference deal for at least a week...

  5. Kirk, what are your thoughts on these rumors of Wheeler, 15th, and Savard for the 4th overall pick? I really hope the B's don't do that one. I'm fine with Wheeler being gone, but would hate to have Savvy included in that trade.

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  7. S-

    Not buying that rumor. Now, maybe the Bruins will try to work a deal with Columbus, but I don't buy the alleged pieces offered up. I also think it will be very difficult for Boston to move up 11 spots in the draft without paying a premium.