Monday, June 28, 2010

Back at home base

I had a great time in Los Angeles, but I'm back on the East Coast and it's nice to be home. Weather in SoCal was fabulous, though. For real. Came back to 90% humidity here...bleccch.

Was in the air when the Mark Recchi post-signing conference call happened, but he'll be very, very good not only for Tyler Seguin, but all the young kids who will be around him in training camp. He's a pro who will show them what right looks like.

OK. We have some time before prospects development camp, so what would you guys like to see on here between now and then?


  1. I would like to see a top 10 list of prospects not that the draft is over along with a short write-up on each if it isn't too much work.

  2. How about top 5 trade opportunities for bruins with names. Next to each of the scenarios, maybe you put a % value against it representing likelihood of deal happening.

  3. A 2011 draft picks update :)

  4. I'd like to get your take on the Bruins defensemen prospects. Over the past year or so they have added a lot of them: Alexandrov, Button, Wild, Bartkowski, Kampfer, Warsofski, Chubinov, Trotman to go along with guys who were here already like Bodnarchuk, Penner, McQuaid. That's a lot of guys although just one blue-chipper (Alexandrov).

  5. Maybe take a much-needed break?

    If not, I'd love to hear your take on the prospects that might see some time in Boston this year, like Colborne, Caron, Hamill, Alexandrov, etc. What are the odds we see these guys, when, expectations, etc.?


  6. Kirk,

    Thanks very much for all your hard work this draft year. Your posts have been informative, and a pleasure to read.

  7. Kirk,
    It was a lot of fun reading your blog leading up to the draft. You really did a great job. If I run into you in a rink I'll introduce myself to you.

    Thanks also for all your hard work with the New England Hockey Journal.

    I'd like a follow up on Perreira, O' Regan, Billet and Hathaway. All guys I think we thought would be selected at some point.


    You know me, i'm like the robot Jonny 5 from the movie Short Circuit. I need info !!

  9. Appreciate the feedback and kind words...

    Ticking off the requests one by one, so be sure to keep coming back to the blog.

    Also-- will be at development camp from the 7th-10th, so please stop by and say hello if the opportunity presents itself.