Monday, June 21, 2010

Because you asked for it...Mocking picks 31 and 32

I've gotten some offline feedback wondering why I didn't go on to mock the 31st and 32nd selections, so without further ado, here it goes:

31. Alex Petrovic, D- Edmonton Oilers
The Oilers got Taylor Hall 1st overall, and now they add a solid defenseman with a mean streak and who also has some two-way potential in Petrovic. He was expected by at least one scout I talked to to have the kind of season that Dylan McIlrath did, but is still an interesting project with good size, mobility and toughness, not to mention the skills to be a good pick at the top of the second round.

32. Justin Faulk, D- Boston Bruins
Brought in for a visit to Boston last week, the Minnesotan and U.S. NTDP product is not the biggest rearguard at at about six-feet tall, but he's very strong, tenacious and can skate very well. He's better defensively than Matt Hunwick, although he does qualify as another "undersized" defender which makes him an iffy projection for Boston. Still, here's what Austin Watson, who skated with Faulk in April's Under-18 tourney had to say about him: "He's a really competitive kid who can skate and has a big shot from the point. He did a lot back there to help us win the tournament-- very good player."

I'm also sticking with my prediction that if he's on the board, defenseman Julian Melchiori will be Boston's selection at 45. That gives Boston two high-end forwards in Seguin and Watson, and two project defenders who can go both ways. Not a bad haul at all for Boston, and they'll still have four more picks to add some depth to the organization.


  1. Kirk,
    I have to ask. Almost every mock draft on and other places have Charlie Coyle in the first round and or Kevin Hayes in the first round. Where do you see them going in the second round if you don't have them in the first?

  2. I had Hayes 29th...1st round to Anaheim.

    Coyle...he could go 1st round too, obviously, but I see him going somewhere between 30-35.

    You seem to have some interesting inside info.-- if Hayes goes 22nd to Phoenix as you've predicted, or Coyle goes to either the Habs or the Hawks, then maybe I'll hire you to do the mock drafting next year.

  3. Kirk,
    Yes I have some inside info.

    Keith Gretzky (director of amateur scouting for the Coyotes) spent Saturday in Dorchester at the Hayes house. Don't think they would waste their time doing that if he wasn't live with the 2nd pick they have in the 1st round? Phoenix's next pick in the second round is #52 and Hayes will definitely be gone by then.

    I told you 2 weeks ago that the B's were having in local guys Coyle, Hayes and Wagner for testing and lunch along with Skinner, Macilrath and Petrovic. Today in Chiarelli's press conference he confirmed that they had Hayes and Coyle in or lunch. I was right on that. The problem is Hayes and Coyle will both be long gone by the time the B's make their 3rd pick at 32.

    Columbus is still desperately trying to find the best deal they can for that 4th pick. They will not be drafting there on Friday night if they can find a reasonable deal. The Bruins and Columbus are still talking.

  4. That's all been very informative, btw. Not taking a shot at you. We appreciate you posting.

    But, visits are just that. Visits. They're strong indicators of interest but have no real sway on what will happen, especially if there are surprises that nobody can account for beforehand.

    Case in point- I talked with Tim Murray, then-head of amateur scouting for Anaheim right after the 2003 draft, and he said that they went into it thinking that Mark Stuart was their guy at 19. They never thought in a million years that Ryan Getzlaf would still be sitting there when their pick came.

    So, not doubting you-- and, like I said-- if Hayes goes at 22 to Phoenix, then you'll get the credit for calling that. I've heard he's going somewhere in the first, 22 is earlier than I thought, but hey-- teams do things that folks don't expect all the time, just like the very same Coyotes did with Blake Wheeler in 2004.

    Thanks for posting and don't be a stranger. I still need to do the New England player follow-up I promised. Will try to get to it this week.

  5. Kirk,
    Don't want to come across as "know it all" because I don't. You are right, if a few picks go out of order here it could be scrambled.

    What I am hearing now, as of this afternoon. The player that is threatening this top half of the first round is the Campbell. He could be the fly in the ointment. If he goes top 5 which I am hearing now is a very strong possibility the rest of the first round could get shuffled.