Saturday, May 29, 2010

Combine wraps up; next stop: the NHL draft

All of the participants of the NHL's draft combine in Toronto have broken camp and are headed home.

Now, all that remains is to determine the professional hockey destinations of the 2010 draft class in another 27-28 days in Los Angeles.

Bill Keefe's outstanding work with the Bay State contingent in attendance-- Charlie Coyle (E. Weymouth), Kevin Hayes (Dorchester), Billy Arnold (Needham) and Connor Brickley (Everett)-- will provide some of the best personal observations and insights of any combine-related content anywhere. Kudos to Bill and to the guys for opening up and relating their experiences at this exciting time.

One of the things I enjoyed about the series is reading about all of the other draft prospects from around the country/world that these kids were spending time with during the week. That kind of camaraderie is the genesis of the professional relationships that will endure for these guys as they enter the pro ranks with their respective clubs.

The physical testing diary entry is up over at

I'll have some additional coverage on the combine here in the coming days: I've got Justin Shugg and Julian Melchiori lined up, plus other sources who were there. We should start hearing buzz on who did particularly well or poorly from the perspective of insiders who were in Toronto.

I'm going into overdrive on my draft coverage at in the coming days and weeks: there will be a story on forgotten goalie Brian Billett up at the site soon, and then multiple features on the various candidates for selection by the Bruins throughout the draft, so I hope you'll keep checking in there.

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