Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Combine diaries: Coyle, Hayes and Arnold

My New England Hockey Journal colleague Bill Keefe is doing great work with these guys, who form a solid draft class for six-state region.

Even if you're just a casual draft fan, the insights on the interviews with NHL are intriguing, and kudos to the young men for sharing those perspectives with the readership. I don't know how the teams will feel about it, but the way they've answered the questions give you a nice window into who they are as people, and is why teams are placing more and more emphasis on the interivew process and measuring character as part of the draft process.,brother.php

I just spoke to defenseman Julian Melchiori's coach with the Newmarket Hurricanes, Brian Perrin so I'll have a feature up on him (Melchiori) over at sometime over the weekend.

In an interesting Boston connection Perrin's family was Bruins coach Claude Julien's billet family when Julien was a defenseman playing for the Newmarket Flyers Jr. A before breaking into the OHA with Oshawa and Windsor in the late 70's.

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  1. I enjoyed reading that last one by Arnold - paraphrasing: 'Who do you think you could beat out for a spot on the Bruins team'.... "Blake Wheeler"

    Got a kick out of that.

    Not to take this too far OT and not that I've soured as much on Wheeler as many have, but it's not a skill issue with him. To me it's a thinking/decision making/execution issue with him. He can't seem to use all his tools in one game. If he were a golfer, he'd select one club and play all 18 holes with it.