Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quack Attack: Ducks Do B's Favor With Win Over Colorado

The Anaheim Ducks have some life in them after all.

They beat the resurgent Colorado Avalanche (the NHL's surprise team this year) by a score of 4-2 last night, pushing the Toronto Maple Leafs back down to the fourth-worst record in the league as of today.

That doesn't mean a whole lot in late December, but picking fourth or fifth puts the Bruins squarely in the running for someone like top Quebec league defender Brandon Gormley, little Finnish magician Mikael Granlund, and even talented, skilled Russians like Kirill Kabanov or Vladimir Tarasenko. In Tarasenko's case, the uncertainty surrounding the fact that any team that drafts him may have a hard time getting him to come over hurts his standing a bit, but there is no question that the little forward is an elite talent. The instability surrounding Russian players and a lack of a formal transfer agreement could drop him lower than 10th, however.

There is also Prince George (WHL) winger Brett Connolly, who is without a doubt a top 5-10 pick based on skill and upside alone, but he's had some troubling injuries this year and the latest (hip flexor) could be a chronic hurt that may scare teams off sitting at around 5-7. In this day and age- you can't afford to gamble picks that high on players who may be damaged goods.

Anyway- if you're a B's fan, be sure to give Anaheim thanks for winning a big game last night and further frustrating Leafs Nation for a day, at least.

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