Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Monday- Time for the Updated Bruins Picks for Rounds 1 and 2 (Dec 14th)

Not a bad Monday morning coming off a Patriots win despite a brutal performance from Randy Moss. I'm not going to pile on the guy any more than the majority of the Boston media already is...he had a bad game. Let's see how he does against Buffalo first. But, I do so enjoy watching Wes Welker play.

Bill Belichick was effusive in his praise of the diminutive receiver who had 10 catches for 105 yards in helping the Pats to a 20-10 victory over Carolina and became the 4th player in NFL history to post three consecutive 100-catch seasons. The ball coach even compared Welker to a hockey player in his postgame comments, likening him to the invaluable blue-collar type who goes into the corners for pucks and then succeeds in digging them out. Hat tip to you, coach- Welker has gotten more out of his talent than any Patriots player since Troy Brown. (Another receiver I enjoy watching play is Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys- you have to pull for a guy who played college at Monmouth State in New Jersey and shows such unbridled joy for the game as he does week in and week out)

OK, enough of the pigskin talk. The Bruins have a winnable matchup against the sinking Philadelphia Flyers tonight. It should be Brian Boucher in net for the Flyers, but they did go out and sign old pal John Grahame, who played for Peter Laviolette in Carolina.

Here are the updated pick positions for Boston. Toronto has quietly crept into position to jump over some teams at the bottom, so don't know how much longer the Bruins will be firmly in the Taylor Hall/Cam Fowler/Tyler Seguin sweepstakes, but we'll keep a close watch on the standings so you don't have to.

1st Round

2nd overall- Toronto (29 points; 11-14-7)
19th overall- Boston(38 points; 16-9-6)

2nd Round

31st overall- Toronto
36th overall- Tampa Bay (31 points; 11-12-9)
49th overall- Boston

So: 5 picks in the top-50 at 2, 19, 31, 36 and 49.

Even with a win over Philly tonight, the B's will stay in 2nd place in the Northeast Division, as Buffalo would have 19 wins to Boston's 17 while both would have 40 points.


  1. ... Going forward, what I've shown here is a much better predictor of team performance than each team's "actual" record, and it's highly unlikely that Boston's going to get a lottery pick this season via Toronto.

    You can put your lottery pick dreams to bed.

  2. As long as you put your playoff hopes to bed as well