Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bruins fail to capitalize

On a night when they could have jumped up to sixth place in the East with a win over the sinking Florida Panthers, the Boston Bruins couldn't get anything past Scott Clemmensen and lost, 1-0.

The former BC standout has owned the Bruins whenever he's played them and tonight was no exception. He made 36 saves and his team helped by blocking 30+ shots throughout the night.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Flyers and Brian Boucher got hammered by the New York Islanders. It was 6-4 last time I checked, but unless a miracle happens, the Isles not only helped Boston by keeping them tied with the Flyers in points, but kept ahead of Toronto, who beat Buffalo by a 4-2 score.

Oh, and the Washington Capitals beat the Atlanta Thrashers, 2-1 tonight, so no worries in the standings watch for now...they're still at 80 points. Bruins still are in seventh. Flyers face Montreal (also with 82 points) tomorrow night.

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