Monday, July 19, 2010

Still on vacation, working on prospect series

Yes, faithful readers-- I am still very much alive.

I'm actually enjoying the beach and some time away from hockey and the prospects analysis.

But, will start putting together a few more prospect profiles this week and will be back full bore next week (Monday) to finish up the player-by-player look at Boston's system.

Just wanted to give you and update and let you know to check in tonight or tomorrow for prospect #6-- Ryan Button.

Prospect #7 will be between Brad Marchand, Ryan Spooner and Yuri Alexandrov.

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  1. A couple of questions for when you get back to this...

    1) Seguin is the best prospect the Bruins have had since Thornton. But how would you compare Bruin prospects #2-11 on your list to Bruin top 10s of the past decade? Most years I get myself all hyped up thinking the Bruins have their best top 10 ever... Seguin aside, I'm curious as to how you think this group stacks up.

    2) How was the Caps development camp? Similar to Boston's? How do their prospects compare?