Sunday, March 14, 2010

Addendum on Watson

The night after I blogged about Austin Watson and how he may be an option for Boston with the early second-round pick of Toronto's they own.

Scratch that.

Watson had a six-point night Saturday, giving him 20 points in 10 games with the Petes since his trade (and five weeks worth of missed time with the broken ankle).

He'll be blasting up the draft boards, because he was always a respected player for his size, speed and work ethic. Now, he's adding production to the mix, and he's doing it without Ryan Spooner, Peterborough's other highly-skilled offensive player eligible for the draft.

If Boston wants Watson, they'll have to use that first-round pick of theirs. And, if it's around 15 or 16 as it is right now, they have a shot. Any lower, and Watson will be off the board when their turn comes.

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