Monday, November 16, 2009

Bruins 2010 1st, 2nd Round Pick Position Updated Nov 16th

I'm back on the blog this Monday, the 16th, and I gotta tell you- still reeling at the way the New England Patriots lost last night to the mighty Indianapolis Colts. It was like watching a train wreck...couldn't take your eyes off it, even though you knew what was coming. Hat tip to Peyton Manning and the Colts on that one- they executed the big plays when they had to have them and stunned the Pats, who were reminded of how tough they've had it ('07 aside) in this recent rivalry after blowing a big lead like the 21-3 advantage they held in the 2006 AFCCG.

OK- enough about football. On to hockey and where the B's picks would be in Rounds 1-2 if the season ended today:

2nd- Toronto (11 points: Two consecutive losses and a major falter from the Monster on Saturday)
11th- Boston (20 points: Between the Pittsburgh and Indy games, just a crushing weekend for Boston sports fans)
32nd- Toronto
41st- Tampa Bay (20 points: One spot above Boston with one fewer win)
42nd- Boston

Coming soon: A comprehensive review of the 2010 Draft Class from one of the best in the scouting business, Red Line Report Chief Scout Kyle Woodlief.

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