Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome to Bruins 2010 Draft Watch!

I'm striking off on my own to create my own hockey NHL draft blog that I hope will capitalize on the buzz and excitement the Boston Bruins could generate this season, as they currently own three high draft picks in the June 2010 Entry Draft thanks to trades with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning, not to mention their own selections, which are all currently intact barring any trades prior to the big day.

Not since the 1997 draft, when the Boston Bruins had a pair of top-10 picks and ended up selecting Joe Thornton and Sergei Samsonov, has there been the potential for a multiple player bonanza. Given Toronto's (and even Boston's) starts to the 2009-10 hockey season, the Bruins aren't likely to get two top-10 selections, but they could garner an early pick and a mid-rounder if the B's continue to be a mediocre team. Toronto, as currently constructed, have engendered little confidence that even with Phil Kessel's expected arrival next month, that they are a legitimate playoff contender.

Over the course of the season, I will plan to keep B's fans (or fans of the NHL draft in general) updated on Boston's estimated draft position in the first two rounds (top-60) of the draft based on where the Bruins, Leafs and Lightning are in the standings. I will also post periodic updates and scouting reports on potential draft selections at the various positions based on my contacts with NHL and independent scouting sources, as well as my own viewings based on what collegiate and prep games I can get to this season.

I hope that you will enjoy this blog and welcome whatever questions, feedback or requests for information you may have as you read. This blog is not affiliated with the New England Hockey Journal or, but I will continue to produce the bulk of prospects and draft-related content to those Seamans Media publications, so please continue to visit the website!

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